The Mass Sleep Out – happening in Cheltenham and across the UK on 24th August 2013

The Mass Sleep Out (TMSO) started life as a series of chats on a facebook anti-bedroom tax group Bedroom Tax…think its unfair…join the fight here around the idea of staging a protest.

The idea was that we should show the government the effect on homelessness that their policies on housing benefits, as well as other social security reforms, would have on the streets of the UK.

A few ordinary people decided to stop talking about it and do it, two of them from Cheltenham, and between the eight of them set up a facebook event, created resources for other event hosts to use, drew up some principles for the hosts to follow and generally set in motion the structure for a national protest. This was the 19th July 2013. We then started, a few of the organisers, to publicise it across twitter and facebook. People responded…

Today, the TMSO protest has 50 towns and cities involved, many of the events being set-up by first time protest organisers, with the help of other hosts and the original organisers.

This protest has been set up by ordinary people and shows that if we work together, we can make our voices heard and enable others to stand up for what they believe is right. We are also collecting details from those that cannot attend the event, so that their name and message can be displayed. We call these proxy sleepers.